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Smart Scale® Model 60


Olympic Smart Scale Model 60 is a neonatal precision scale designed for quick, accurate, and safe weighing of active newborns and growing babies up to 15,000 grams (33 lbs). Available as a table-top or with a roll-around cart.

Features include

Automatic weight averaging – for weighing active babies
Averaging indicators – status lights and averaging signal tone with volume control
Reweigh – to reweigh babies while still on the scale
Memory recall – allows display of the last weight, even after the scale has been turned off
gm/lb – scale can also be locked to read in grams only
Four-sided Easy-Lift tray – safer for baby and easier for lifting in and out
Measuring tape – for measuring baby length
Operates on 120V~ and rechargeable battery



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Smart Scale Model 60 & 65 cart

Smart Scale® Model 65


Smart Scale Model 60 and roll-around cart combination that provides a mobile solution and protects the patient and the scale.

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