Olympic Papoose Boards™ - Restraint Board

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A safe and practical way to provide patient immobilization during exams and when providing medical treatment. Quick to secure and release, Olympic Papoose Boards™ are there to assist in both medical and dental clinics.


NOTE: The product may not be available in all countries; contact Natus for country-specific information.

Help the patient remain safely in place 

Comfort by design

Three sets of opposing canvas flaps with Velcro® fasteners fold over the patient’s body safely and securely. The diagonal shape of each board causes the flaps to crisscross, providing a snug fit. 

Smart by design  

Any of the pairs of flaps may be opened while the child is still held securely by remaining flaps and/or head and arm straps. Each set includes four sizes of flaps, a head strap and two arm straps. Adaptable to all sizes of patients from age three months to adult. 

Safe by design  

Papoose Boards are easy to clean and disinfect. Simply wipe the board with a cleaning agent after each use. The flap sets and arm straps are machine washable.  


The Natus Medical/Surgical portfolio

Olympic Papoose Boards™ are part of the Natus Newborn Care Medical/Surgical line of Olympic products and accessories, including Sterile-Driers™, Vac-Pac® and Circumstraint™.

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