Olympic Circumstraint™ - Infant Immobilizer

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A secure and practical way to provide patient immobilization during circumcisions and other minor procedures. Quick to secure and comfortable for the patient, Olympic Circumstraint ™ is an effective device that assists with most delicate of procedures. Help the patient remain safely in place while providing medical care to selected areas of the body.  


NOTE: The product may not be available in all countries; contact Natus for country-specific information.

Designed with the patient in mind 

Comfort by design  

Two sets of opposing adjustable wide Velcro® fasteners secure the newborn’s elbows and knees, ensuring safe and secure immobilization. In less than 30 seconds, a clinician can secure the patient in the correct position. Without extraneous pins, clamps or towels, the device snugly and securely immobilizes the infant with the entire torso visible. 

Smart by design  

Circumstraint’s contoured shape positions the newborn so that the hips elevated, presenting the genitalia for the circumcision procedure. The platform between the patient’s legs provides support for a circumcision clamp. The device can also be used for a range of procedures, including minor surgery, blood exchanges, catheterization, transfusions, infusions, x-rays or whenever immobilization is required for a neonatal procedure.  

Safe by design  

The device is designed to fit newborns from 1800 to 4500 grams. Constructed of dense, smooth, non-absorbent plastic, Circumstraint wipes clean with liquid disinfectant, helping to maintain a high standard of nursey asepsis with minimum effort. The nylon Velcro® straps dry quickly and may be laundered, steam or gas autoclaved or pasteurized. Fits inside a standard incubator or bassinet. 


The Natus Medical/Surgical portfolio

Olympic Circumstraint™ is part of the Natus Newborn Care Medical/Surgical line of Olympic products and accessories, including Sterile-Driers™, Vac-Pac® and Olympic Papoose Boards™.

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