RetCam® Portable™ – for Ophthalmic imaging at any location

Retcam Portable

Take it anywhere.

The RetCam® Portable™ is the first stow-and-go RetCam system that can be moved easily from one location to another. The portable system is contained in a crush-proof, foam-lined Pelican® case designed to tolerate rough or unusual terrain and approved as check-in luggage on commercial airlines. The laptop belt straps securely to the handle during ground transport.
With the RetCam Portable system, you can capture retinal and anterior chamber images at multiple locations with a system that is easily assembled on a standard hospital cart or table. System components are conveniently stowed in the custom foam enclosure when imaging sessions are complete, allowing you to move securely to the next site.

RetCam Portable

Proven RetCam Technology

The RetCam Portable system utilized the most advanced RetCam image and video capture capabilities with a new user interface. The RetCam Portable system is compatible with RetCam Review Software (RCRS).

RetCam Portable
RetCam Portable

Key Benefits

  • Easily transported from site to site in a rugged case with attached laptop computer
  • Approved as check-in luggage on commercial airlines
  • Transportable by major shipping companies with no additional packaging
  • Simple assembly on a hospital cart or table
  • Detachable holster allows convenient placement of handpiece during imaging
  • Operates on current RetCam software platform
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