Madsen Accuscreen

Under the slim and lightweight exterior beats state-of-the-art hearing screening technology.

AccuScreen combines OAE and ABR testing in a single device, featuring ear couplers for binaural, simultaneous ABR testing. This minimizes handling of the newborn and makes screening faster, helping to improve outcomes by facilitating earlier intervention. And with its ease of use reducing the need for operator training, Accuscreen lets you focus precious staff resources on the key task of newborn care.

Maximum performance, minimum fuss

Madsen Accuscreen

Enhanced accuracy and newborn comfort

Hearing screening with AccuScreen is designed to be fast, simple, and accurate. The angled probes with improved probe tip ensure a better and more comfortable fit,
minimizing slippage and making testing a smoother experience, while the dual-density ear couplers adapt to the shape of the baby’s head for optimal sealing and accurate
stimulus presentation. Greater comfort means newborns can sleep throughout testing, reducing infant stress and enhancing the accuracy of results.

Accuscreen work situation man and woman
Accuscreen worksituation laptop

Always on hand and ready to go

The slim and unobtrusive docking station ensures the AccuScreen is fully charged and on hand whenever you need it. It also simplifies workflows by linking directly with the PC: upload patient lists & download patient data to the AccuScreen, adjust device settings, add firmware updates, and connect with the label printer, all from the comfort of the docking station.

Everything at your fingertips

The clear and intuitive touchscreen places the primary commands right at your fingertips – allowing you to focus on the newborn, not the technology.  With its large keypad and bright icons, entering data, accessing test results, and adding comments has never been easier, while easy-to-read graphic displays clearly monitor test progress.
The on-screen help menu resolves any problems quickly, while the intuitive navigation helps reduces operator training times.

Accuscreen hold
Madsen Accuscreen

The universal screening partner

AccuScreen is compatible with all hearing screening programs, making it at home in every NHS setting. The device links via the docking station to all standard data management systems, including HiTrack, OZ-Systems, pathTrack and eSP, as well as allowing data including patient details, test results, and risk factors to be exported via XML for screening programs based on other systems.

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