Focus on the brain - aEEG Neonatal Brain Monitoring

Course introduction

aEEG in the NICU is becoming an increasingly utilised tool in many situations for neuromonitoring of infants. The aim of this instructor-led interactive course is to provide an in depth overview of aEEG applications, trace interpretation, current data and research and technology application.


Learning objectives

At the conclusion of this seminar the participants will be able to:

  • Review aEEG basics, indications for use and clinical applications
  • Discuss pattern classification with emphasis on assessment of basic neurologic status, seizure detection and background pattern classification software enhancements with the OBM
  • Identify electrode options, 10-20 placement, quality of signal (troubleshooting) and best practices
  • Review OBM functionality, remote capability and export of data (e.g. for scientific/research applications)
  • Review aEEG traces using interpretative skills and demonstrate familiarity with background pattern and seizure detection software
  • Discuss aEEG studies in an interactive format.



Carrie Hood

Carrie Hood R.N., C.P.N
Carrie is a Registered Nurse who has been with Natus Medical Incorporated for 11 years.

She serves as a Clinical Education Specialist for Natus Newborn Care. Carrie’s focus throughout her 36 years as an R.N. has been on Pediatric Critical Care and Neonatal Critical Care. She is very experienced with Amplitude EEG (aEEG), and has been teaching it’s use and applications to Neonatalogists and clinical staff throughout her 11 years with Natus. She has presented aEEG at several symposiums over the years.

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